Omega Container Terminal , a subsidiary of Commerce International Centre (CIC) Ghana Ltd is a full service container and general cargo handling facility mainly responsible for stuffing and storage of containers (export cargo) like shea butter , sesame seed , cashew nut , raw groundnuts and other agro products.

Strategically located at the Tema Harbour area behind the Tema Container Terminal (TCT), the terminal occupies a 200 sq feet of land area with a capacity of over 500 containers and it is readily accessible to major truck routes.

Commerce International Centre (CIC) Ghana Ltd 's commitment to invest, develop and grow Omega Container Terminal's capacity includes landside operations, modern terminal operating equipment like fork lifts, terminal tractors and trailers, state-of-the-art container cranes, IT management technology and highly trained labor.

Commerce International Centre (CIC) Ghana Ltd will significantly increase volume capacity, and container throughput in a safe and secure operation for our customers .The terminal is operational 24 hours a day for a rapid transfer and delivery service.